Minnesota Democrats such as Gov. Tim Walz and Rep. Ilhan Omar want American taxpayers to pay the bill for the rioting and looting in Minneapolis and across the state that followed George Floyd’s death. Rather that showing leadership as the Black Lives Matter “protests” turned into rioting, looting, and vandalism, Walz, Omar, and the Minneapolis City Council instead supported a defund police movement and let the city burn.

Ilhan Omar called for the dismantling of America but now wants America to pay “riot relief” so her city can rebuild? President Trump says he will not support the estimated $500 million price tag that it will take to rebuild the 1,500 structures that were damaged in Minnesota. Trump said no bailouts for BLM rioting and looting.

The NBA will feature “social justice” slogans on player uniforms this season. Do you think one of the slogans will be “all lives matter”? Plus, NBC News leaves out key detail in Hakim Littleton case.

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