Did Barack Obama forget about Obamagate? In a pair of commencement speeches, Barack Obama ripped the “folks in charge” (meaning Donald Trump) over the response to the coronavirus outbreak. While other conservatives such as Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson talk about Obamagate, the left keeps rolling out people like Rick Bright and Barack Obama to criticize President Trump for the response to covid-19.

The problem is that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany already demonstrated that the leftwing media were the ones slow to grasp the coronavirus pandemic. That didn’t stop Barack Obama (who has his own problems with Obamagate) from blasting Trump AND trying to stoke racial flames with his HBCU commencement speech.

President Trump goes after Big Tech, saying the leftwing companies have too much power. Is he right? Plus, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats push big spending and are trying to allow remote voting and proxies. Is that the way Congress should be?

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