Want to fund Trump’s border wall? All it takes is getting rid of about 8% of the non-essential workers we keep hearing about. There’s no need to declare a national emergency. If these employees — paid for by the American taxpayer — are truly non-essential, then here’s a plan to get the wall, pressure the federal unions, and shrink the government.

First, let’s look at basic economics and the way things work in the real world. If more people want blue jeans, guess who’s hiring? That’s right… the blue jean companies. If all of a sudden, people want khaki pants, then blue jean factories will shrink… people will be laid off.

The left and the media somehow believe that a government job is somehow more sacred than a private sector job. In the private sector… aka… the real world, companies grow and companies shrink. People get hired, people get laid off.

The average salary for a federal government employee is $90,794. That’s a lot of money, and when you look at the 800,000 “non-essential” government workers who were furloughed, it comes out to something like this:

Eliminating entire 800,000 non-essential federal employees
The Non-Essentials: $72,635,200,000

Eliminating 400,000 non-essential federal employees
The Super Non-Essentials: $36,317,600,000

Eliminating 80,000 (10 %) non-essential federal employees
The Super Duper Non-Essentials: $7,263,520,000

Eliminating 62,780 (7.847 %) non-essential federal employees
The I didn’t know you even worked here Non-Essentials: $5,700,000,000

So there’s the strategy.. not only squeeze the unions by possibly closing down the government again, but exercise presidential authority and conservative principles and tell these folks that all departments will be trimmed unless a deal gets done. Then, we should trim them anyway.

The point is that the Democrats are not negotiating. The only person negotiating is Trump. The only person offering concessions is Trump. Let’s play hard ball. Let’s get the wall, and let’s shrink government in the process. Border security and fiscal conservatism in one stroke.

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Plus, the Democrats are moving farther and farther to the left. You can see some crazy examples in today’s 13-Minute News Hour. Eliminating private health insurance? Yep. Eliminating “so help you God” in the House of Representatives? Yep. So much more. Check it out!

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