Nancy Pelosi was reelected as Speaker of the House by her narrowest margin yet. Needing 214 votes, Pelosi received 216, but caused an uproar when she brought in a covid-positive Democrat to cast a vote. Following her “let them eat ice cream” fiasco and series of political blunders in 2020, Pelosi looks weaker than ever. But when push came to shove, even members of “The Squad” such as AOC voted for Pelosi. Will Pelosi be pushed even further to the left in the new 117th Congress?

Republican Kevin McCarthy was just a few votes behind Pelosi in the race for speaker. If all goes well, McCarthy should be in a strong position in 2022.

Sen. Ted Cruz calls for a commission to investigate voter fraud and election law violations. Plus, Mitt Romney calls Cruz’s effort an “egregious ploy.”

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