Are we seeing the death of journalism? Has it already died? CNN’s Jim Acosta — their White House reporter — is coming out with his own anti-Trump book. Democrat Nancy Pelosi says that President Trump actually WANTS to be impeached, and you won’t believe how many Americans actually believed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 12-year prediction “joke.” It’s a whole lot of sea sponges!

One of the things that has really led to the wave of leftwing thinking is the death of the independent journalist. Everyone has a bias, but the idea of a professional journalist is to put that bias aside and do the job.

But now, we have journalists in the so-called main stream media acting as advocates for the Democrats and the leftwing/socialist agenda. Case in point is CNN’s Jim Acosta, who is supposed to be their White House correspondent not an on-air pundit or opinion show host. He’s supposed to be a journalist.

Also, Nancy Pelosi had a dust up with President Trump this week, saying that the President is involved in a cover up. She also claims that the president wants to be impeached! Check out today’s show for all the details.

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