It’s a first for an American university that was founded more than 100 years before the Revolutionary War: the school has recognized illegal aliens among its graduating students.

A Harvard graduation event dubbed “Undocugraduation” was held earlier this month to mark a first-ever event on the historic campus, The Harvard Crimson reported.

The event was held to celebrate “undocumented graduates,” the school newspaper said.

History professor Kirsten Weld, who was arrested for blocking traffic during a Donald Trump protest in 2017, addressed the gathering. She said the road to “being whoever you want to be” has been more difficult for the illegals than their classmates.

“And I think that’s really what we’re recognizing here today,” she told the gathering.

Derryck Green of Project 21 says the event was nothing but a political jab at President Trump and our country’s laws.

“That they would have this kind of graduation is, in essence,” he observes, “kind of putting their thumb in the eye of our national immigration system.”

In fact, student group “Act on a Dream,” which has called for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Enforcement Agency, organized “Undocugraduation.”

Green says illegals are allowed to enter the university system over more qualified applicants who are citizens by birth or have gone through the legal naturalization process.

“The beneficiaries of these types of social and racial justice programs get privileges and benefits at the expense of other students,” he complains. “Not only the students that have been admitted into these institutions, but specifically students that were not admitted in because these beneficiaries have taken their place.”


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