Joe Biden continues to refuse to clarify his position on court packing as the Senate begins hearings to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Biden says court packing is a legitimate question, but he refused to answer it in the Biden vs Trump debate. Now, Joe Biden says that “voters don’t deserve to know” whether he would pack the Supreme Court with additional leftwing judges. Is this arrogance or incompetence?

In the race for the White House, Joe Biden told reporters that the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was unconstitutional, but he wouldn’t comment on court packing. Biden said in the past that he would ban fracking. Now he says fracking is ok. Will journalists press him on these issues?

The Democrats are adopting a new tactic as the Senate hearings begin for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Plus, even Bob Dole is criticizing the swampiness of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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