Female athletes are speaking out against an executive order from President Biden that allows for biological males to compete in women’s sports.

Some states, like Connecticut, already employed this policy, reportedly in the name of inclusion and fairness. But speaking recently on “Fox & Friends,” Connecticut student athlete Selina Soule said she has lost opportunities to biological males in female sports.

“It is very frustrating and demoralizing, being forced to compete against someone who you know that you will never be able to beat, no matter what [you] do,” said Soule. “I wish there was a way that we can return fairness to not only track and field, but to all female sports.”

Chelsea Mitchell, now a freshman in college in Virginia, said she lost high school state championships to biological males.

“I lost countless other opportunities to advance to the next level of competition, and it was really heartbreaking to lose those awards and to know that possibly girls all across the country will lose out on awards like that,” Mitchell shared.

Alanna Smith knows how they feel.

“A biological male ran the 200 and placed first, and I came in third,” Smith told the “Fox & Friends” program. “I should have gotten runner-up. And it’s not even about placement, but it’s about just knowing that you got the place you deserved, and in that situation, I did not.”

Attorney Christiana Holcomb at Alliance Defending Freedom, the law firm representing these athletes in a legal challenge, says this executive order from President Biden is an irresponsible abuse of power.

“What the Biden administration has essentially done is taken this harmful policy in Connecticut and has nationalized it,” Holcomb explained. “So, unless we push back and this is declared unlawful, we really could see the beginning of the end of women’s sports in our country.”

Representatives with The Heritage Foundation and Independent Women’s Forum have made similar remarks to One News Now.

Before the teen girls told their side of the story to Fox News, One News Now was reporting last summer about the growing number of female athletes already stepping forward and speaking out against this discrimination.


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