Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke tore into Black Lives Matter for being nowhere to be found during Louisana’s historic flooding, saying that the activist movement is all about political power – not black lives – while also ripping into President Barack Obama for his delayed response to the flood victims.

Clarke stressed how the radical group was conspicuously absent while the majority of predominantly African-American cities that were devastated by the torrential flooding – such as Baton Rouge – were in great need.

“Black Lives Matter? … They don’t care about black lives,” the conservative black sheriff toldFox and Friends Tuesday. “They don’t care about anybody’s life. They only care about political power. I am not shocked.”

Obama dividing, not uniting?

He put the blame of America’s racial division on Obama, saying that all of the violence and revived animosity between blacks and whites has trickled down from the president, before noting his delayed response to victims in the flood zone – so as not to cut his vacation short.

“President Obama views everything through the prism of race,” Clarke asserted. “He’s a race hustler. He engages in race politics.”

The Milwaukee sheriff also accused Obama of considering himself being above his fellow African Americans, citing his decision to remain on vacation in Massachusetts through the weekend – while Donald Trump was distributing supplies from an 18-wheeler around Louisiana’s flooded-affected areas – before finally showing up days later.

“He’s an elitist,” Clarke maintained. “He’s at Martha’s Vineyard while American people are suffering down in Louisiana.”

Dems deceiving blacks

Clarke also commented earlier that black Americans are being “hoodwinked” by Democrats, arguing that progressive policies have worked to fuel inner-city violence in Milwaukee and other cities around America.

“Milwaukee is under control by these progressive, liberal Democrats,” the outspoken top cop said when joining Judge Jeanine Piro on Justice, according to Fox News. “Their failed urban policies have wrecked the city of Milwaukee – the city that I grew up in – the city that I was raised in and have been a part [of] my whole life.”

Focusing attention to a loss of jobs, a failing education system and a surge in the number of dysfunctional families, Clarke contended that Democrats are responsible.

“[These problems have been] exacerbated under this progressive idea of how to run cities,” he argued.

Emphasizing the fact that Milwaukee isn’t the only major city in the United States adversely affected by Democratic policies, Clarke pointed out that Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis are just some of the other urban areas “on the brink” of exploding into more racial violence.

“Black people are resilient,” the conservative law enforcement official continued. “We’ve overcome slavery, we’ve overcome Jim Crow, [but] we have not been able to overcome modern liberalism and the progressive, liberal movement.”

He lamented that many blacks have been blind to what the Left is really doing to the detriment of their communities.

“That’s been a stifling thing for us,” Clarke expressed. “We have not figured that out.”

Not without hope, the sheriff is confident that African Americans will eventually be forced to stand up on their own – without reliance on the government – and realize what Democrats have been pulling off for years.

“They are being hoodwinked by the Democrat Party,” Clarke insisted.


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