In a case that has garnered national attention, we see a clear example of using a claim of “racism” as a weapon. It happens all the time in politics… criticize Barack Obama, and those on the left will immediately call you a racist. But in this twisted case, those doing the accusing were the offenders and those being accused had the joy of the “big game” stripped away from them.

The story takes place in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Isaac Phillips is a member of Lunenburg High School’s football team. His mother, Andrea Brazier, is white, and his father is black.

Phillips said he was hazed at school. reports that there were incidents such as “Phillip’s cleats were taken from his locker and thrown in a trash can. The same day a tire on his bicycle was slashed in the school parking lot.”

But the real problem began when racial graffiti was spray-painted on the family’s home. Even ESPN picked up the story:

And the result of this graffiti? The remaining high school football games were canceled.

School district superintendent Loxi Jo Calmes made the announcement canceling the annual Thanksgiving Day game with St. Bernard’s of Fitchburg and forfeiting the remainder of the school’s games.

“We have no tolerance for racism in any form, and we do everything we can to eliminate it from our schools and our community,” Calmes said Monday.

Lunenburg’s freshman team had been scheduled to play Friday before the foundation of the home of freshman player Isaac Phillips was spray-painted with a racial epithet. “Knights don’t need n——,” the graffiti said. Lunenburg’s mascot is the Knights.

The decision was made to indefinitely postpone Lunenburg’s freshman game the weekend before Monday’s announcement.

Lunenburg Public Schools’ website was updated with the following message from Calmes:

“Since the racial harassment investigations are on-going, I am announcing that the remaining football games of the season have been forfeited. The Lunenburg Public Schools continues investigating allegations related to racial slurs by Lunenburg players directed toward Worcester South players. The police continue to investigate the racial graffiti incident.”

As reports, “The family said that players were given an opportunity to come forward with information during a meeting on Friday but chose not to.”

Do you follow what’s happening? The members of the football team were accused of “hate crime” for spraying the graffiti and because no one stepped forward, the football games were canceled.

Every single member of the football team was made to suffer. Games were not played and those memories can never be regained. And guess what? It turns out the entire story… one that even ESPN covered… could be completely bogus.

The suspect in the graffiti-writing case is now not a football player. It’s not anyone associated with the team at all. Now, the only suspect in this case is Andrea Brazier, the mother of the alleged victim.

In this case, using race as a weapon backfired completely. But the members of the football team still suffered. Everyday in this country we have honest debate stifled, because of accusations of racism. Enough of this stuff!

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