It was quite interesting to see Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the defensive. As he droned on about how Facebook strives to be fair and open, the simple facts point to a completely different policy… a policy where conservatives are blocked or banned, while left wing groups have free rein. Just look at what is happening to Diamond and Silk, two hilarious Trump-supporting women who have been labeled “unsafe” by the thought police at Facebook.

For those of you not familiar with Diamond and Silk, they captured the spotlight during Trump’s run for president. Here’s a sample from back when Barack Obama was still president and then-candidate Trump was talking about his policies regarding illegal immigration.

Despite their popularity, Facebook “openness” and “inclusiveness” does not seem to apply to Diamond and Silk, and this was made apparent during Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill testimony on Tuesday. As reported by Fox News, the pair “accused Facebook Monday night of discrimination and censorship after they said the social media giant branded them as ‘unsafe to the community.'”

Facebook later backtracked, but Diamond and Silk claim there are still algorithms in place that make it difficult for their fans to view their content — and other conservatives’ content — on Facebook.

During Tuesday’s hearing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked Zuckerberg about Facebook’s “pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship,” pointing to Diamond and Silk. Zuckerberg said he is also concerned about political bias in the tech industry, and he tries to root that out at Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s response didn’t sit well as Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson voiced their comments regarding Facebook’s actions.

On “Fox & Friends,” Diamond and Silk said they have a message for Zuckerberg: “We are not unsafe!”

“If he was concerned about his platform being a place for all ideas, then why would he put algorithms in place to censor some ideas?” Diamond said. “And why is he turning Facebook into a political playground for Democrats?”

She added that Zuckerberg never answered why they — two conservative black women — were deemed “unsafe to the community.”

In an email to supporters, these “unsafe” women said that they’ve watched their Facebook page grow, but now, “all of the sudden our followers stopped receiving our notifications, they stopped seeing our posts, and Facebook was no longer showing our videos in our followers’ newsfeed.”

They even attached a chart showing how their Facebook reach has mysteriously declined.

What’s most amazing is not that Facebook is doing what it’s doing. What’s amazing is that Zuckerberg can sit before Congress and say that Facebook is fair and treats left-leaning groups the same way the company treats right-leaning groups. Everyone knows that is not true.

When big media and tech companies with so much influence can start determining who is safe or unsafe solely based on what the person says or believes, then we have hit crisis mode in America. Inclusiveness and fairness mean nothing if a company can target those with opposing views.

As Diamond and Silk mentioned in their email, if a privately owned bakery is forced to bake a cake against its Christian beliefs, then Facebook and other companies should be forced under fines and other penalties to provide conservatives with the same opportunties the left gets. After all, it’s only fair… and inclusive… right?

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