President Trump called out Democrat Elijah Cummings this weekend and blasted the conditions of Cummings’ Baltimore district. Of course, Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders rushed to Cummings’ side and called President Trump… a racist. The word ‘America’ was being discussed at Colorado State University for possibly being offensive, and the Democrats prepare for Round 2 of their presidential debates.

President Trump blasted the conditions in Baltimore this weekend, and the Democrats freaked out. Baltimore is the most dangerous city in America. Garbage is on the streets. Rats are everywhere. Bernie Sanders previously called Baltimore a third world country. Yet, when President Trump blasted Democrat Elijah Cummings for the conditions in the district, other Democrats and the media called Trump a racist.

Craft beer is apparently racist, at least according to a columnist at the Boston Globe. If that’s not crazy enough, Colorado State University is debating whether the word “America” is offensive. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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