Kellyanne Conway was right about the dark underbelly of today’s Democratic Party, of which “the Squad” of four are only a few.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants you to think that these four radicals are outliers — are “only four,” as she put it. Ms. Pelosi would have Americans mistakenly believe that the Democratic Party is as pure as mom, baseball and apple pie.

One need only look at the policies that the entire field of Democratic presidential candidates promote to understand just how bloated that underbelly really is. The recent debates show that the “old school” Democrats are every bit as radical as the four newcomers. The candidates are really no more than socialists dressed up in suits and skirts.

A new campaign ad by the Trump/Pence team reveals how the sordid underbelly is the soul of the Democratic Party. It’s the best campaign video I’ve ever seen. You can view it by going to YouTube and searching the DonaldJTrump channel. The video is called, “The Squad,” and it is a modern masterpiece.

The genius Trump/Pence video is a must, must, must see. It shows the raw truth about the four powerful young women who now lead the Democratic Party and provides a taste of the radical agenda that all Americans would be subjected to if any of the Democratic presidential candidates were to win.

As Mrs. Conway correctly pointed out in a recent “Fox and Friends” interview, the four representatives are just the tip of the iceberg. Even a quick read of the Democrats’ platform or their legislative proposals reveals that Mrs. Conway is absolutely correct when she says that the views of the four Squad members are prevalent within their ailing party.

This twisted underbelly wants us to have “compassion” for thugs who seek to join Islamic State. You read that right. You can hear in the video how Rep. Ilhan Omar advocated on behalf of the would-be terrorists before their trial. Where is the outcry from Democratic leaders over such a despicable act?

This sick underbelly declares that “brown faces” and “black faces” are not welcome if they do not embrace the radical agenda that the party says “brown voices” and “black voices” must subscribe to. In other words: If you are brown or black and don’t swear allegiance to the message, then you will be maligned.

You can watch Rep. Ayanna Pressley declare the mandate in the video. Such dictates smack of hatred; they harken to dictatorships where “incorrect” speech is punished. Has Ms. Pelosi or any of the candidates disavowed such an oppressive agenda? Nope.

Or how about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declaring that illegal immigrants are acting “more American” than real Americans who believe in the rule of law? She actually said that — check it out in the Trump video. Again, instead of hearing the party leaders chastise such disdain of law-abiding Americans, you hear only crickets.

Or how about how Rep. Rashida Tlaib revealed the crass nature and sophomoric behavior of the dark underbelly when she described the president of the United States as a “motherxxxxxx?” Or when she disrupted a 2016 Trump rally by screaming and throwing a temper tantrum? Yep, that footage is in the Trump video too; but you won’t see any footage of the Democratic leaders disavowing the childish behavior, because they don’t.

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren, et al, all embraced the radical, socialist agenda now championed by the Squad before the Squad made it “cool.” The only differences between the Old Guard and the New Squad are age and experience. They share the same radical agenda, tout the same failed socialist dogma and have the same Blame America First mentality.

Instead of providing a forum for open debate on philosophical or policy differences, the crazed mainstream media is attempting to hide all criticism of radical policies behind the various races of the Squad. It reveals how weak they think their arguments really are.

Donald Trump is having none of that nonsense. He knows that the truth will win if only Americans can hear it. And his powerful new video shows that he’s going to make sure that they do.

I can’t wait for the next one.

⦁ Rebecca Hagelin can be reached at [email protected].

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