Obama’s poll numbers keep heading downward. The economy is still in the tank and unemployment remains sky high. And yet, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid continue on a path that runs polar opposite to the will of the country. They are pushing forward an agenda of higher taxes, unsustainable spending, increased government control, and unconstitutional mandates. Americans have reached the boiling point, and not only are they speaking out as individuals through marches, protests, and rallies, but state officials are also stepping up to the plate and sending a message to Obama: if you do not do the job you’re supposed to do, we’ll do it ourselves.

First, we have the illegal immigration issue. I’m sure that Obama and the Democrats never thought they would have to deal with immigration and border security going into the November elections, and yet it is red hot. Why? Because Obama’s administration not only will not do its job, but they are suing the state of Arizona for trying to protect its residents. Arizona’s border with Mexico is not safe. Phoenix is the kidnapping capitol of America. Drug smuggling and illegal alien activity run rampant, and Obama did nothing. So Arizona fought back. Now, Virginia has joined in as well.

As reported in the Iowa Independent, “Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ruled Monday that police can check immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested in the state, a move that should bolster the hopes of those around the country who want to pass their own Arizona-style immigration law.” In Iowa, Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad hopes a similar law will be enacted in his state. If Obama will not act, the states will.

Then, there is health care. The Democrats passed a health care bill that was opposed by a majority of Americans. Not a single poll showed that Americans wanted what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were pushing… yet they pushed it through anyway. Now, Missouri is fighting back. The Kansas City Star reports that primary voters this week “approved Proposition C by a wide margin Tuesday, giving Missourians the power under state law to ignore government requirements to buy health insurance and nullifying penalties for failing to do so.”

Just over 71 percent favored the ballot question, with 29 percent in opposition, according to unofficial final results.

The measure is intended to invalidate in Missouri a key element of the federal health care law passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in March. That law requires individuals to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014.

Tuesday’s vote was the first statewide referendum in the nation to test an aspect of the health care law. Similar questions will be on November ballots in Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.

Seventy-one percent favored the measure! Do you think Obama and company are out of touch with reality? Virginia is also mounting a challenge to Obama’s unconstitutional health care law, and this week a federal judge ruled that the challenge could continue.

In November, voters have an opportunity to send a message to those in Washington who refuse to listen. Americans want America back… they want their freedom back… they want their money back. And if Washington turns a deaf ear, then American will act at the ballot box. In the mean time, states are stepping forward and exercising not just their rights but their duties to protect their residents and to make sure the Constitution of the United States is followed. The boiling point has been reached, and the real battles begin.

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