A clip from a sermon by a Catholic priest has gone viral, as he tackled the issue of Christian voters crossing the aisle in the upcoming election.

Conservative evangelical Christians have been arguing for decades, it seems, that anyone who shares their faith cannot, in good conscience, vote for the Democratic Party and it’s pro-abortion, sexually muddled platform. But it took a Catholic priest to crystalize the argument and make it concise.

Fr. James Altman is the priest at St. James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In a clip from one of his Sunday sermons gone viral, he says there are plenty of things people of faith can debate, but there are three non-negotiables:

Altman: “We can debate any SJW [social justice warrior] issue included in our voting guide [from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops]. However, we shall not debate murdering babies. And we shall not debate stem-cell research. We shall not debate non-binary propositions for holy matrimony.

“Ironically, [our voting guide] clearly and unequivocally states that [Joe] Biden is on the godless side of each and every one of those three non-negotiable issues. Boom. Done. Game over.”

The priest said that makes a Christian’s duty clear:

Altman: “You cannot be Catholic – you cannot even be Christian and vote for Biden, period.”

Wednesday on American Family Radio, host Tim Wildmon reacted to Altman’s statement.

“Joe Biden is a Catholic,” he began. “[And] what this priest is saying is what a lot of us who are Catholics and who aren’t Catholics look at and ask: ‘How can you be a member in good standing of a Roman Catholic congregation if you are in favor of something that’s considered a mortal sin?'”

Wildmon says it exposes a rank, spiritual hypocrisy in the Democratic candidate for president.

“If you don’t want to subscribe to that, then leave the church,” said Wildmon, president of American Family Association. “But what people like Biden want to do is have it both ways: He wants to win an election with people who are ‘pro-choice’ – I would say they’re pro-abortion – while at the same time saying, ‘Hey, I’m a good Christian.'”

Fr. James Altman: “If you think there’s any issue more important than the babies … well, good luck with that one on Judgment Day.”


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