A high school student in Florida was back at school today … along with his political statement in favor of President Donald Trump.

Tyler Maxwell, 18, attends Spruce Creek High School in Volusia County, Florida – and he’s a supporter of President Trump. “He’s going to vote for him in the election coming up,” says attorney Jacob Huebert of Goldwater Institute, the law firm representing Maxwell. “And to show his enthusiasm, he put a statue of an elephant painted red, white, and blue with ‘TRUMP’ on the side in the bed of his pickup truck.”

According to the attorney, Maxwell was told by a principal to take the elephant statue home and not bring it back. “He didn’t do that,” reports Huebert, “and Principal Todd Sparger took his parking pass from him, and told him not to come back until he got rid of the elephant.”

OneNewsNow sought comment from Sparger and did not receive a response.

“I don’t know that anyone’s had a statue like that, but in the parking lot of that school you’ll see cars with ‘Biden’ bumper stickers on them, and inside that school you’ll see students wearing apparel that promotes the Black Lives Matter movement,” Huebert continues.

Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for The Middle District of Florida Orlando Division. Friday, the judge in the case granted a temporary restraining order for Maxwell, meaning he could return to his school parking lot with his Donald Trump elephant statue in the back of his truck.

Huebert explains that another attorney had been in communication with the school about its actions, explaining how they had violated Maxwell’s First Amendment rights as well as Supreme Court precedent.

“The school wrote back saying that they think it’s fine and they cited a policy that they have pertaining to political activities on school grounds,” Huebert tells OneNewsNow. “But that policy only addresses political activity by employees or by non-employees who come onto school grounds to do things like have political events or distribute political literature.

“That policy has nothing to do with students expressing political views on their vehicles while they’re parked there during the school day.”

Maxwell had been attending school remotely because he could not drive his truck to school.


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