Here’s a story that should get your attention. It got mine, because it comes from my home town of Victoria, Texas. But that’s really not why it has everyone stirred up. A man posted a billboard along one of the streets. The billboard reads, “Pray for Obama.” That part seems to be fine for most people, however the Bible passage included on the sign is a totally different matter.

Milton Neitsch, Jr. posted the billboard, and no, he’s not being attacked by atheists who love to protest any public display of God or the Bible. Neitsch is being attacked because of the verse he picked: Psalms 109:8, which reads “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.”

When I read that, it totally cracked me up. However, not everyone agrees. Here’s the report from KENS 5:

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I often have a hard time when people use the word “controversy” or “controversial.” What Neitsch did was not controversial. To me, it was clever, but a person either likes it or not. The meaning was clear. Neitsch want’s Barack Obama to go!

For people to protest and circulate petitions is just a waste of time. Neitsch can post what he wants, right? If someone wants to erect a different sign, they can do so. All this pressure that is brought to bear these days in the name of political correctness is just insane. It seems like no one is allowed to offend anyone any more.

Neitsch says he will take the sign down and put up another one. He suggests a sign reading, “Vote for the American.” If that’s the case, I’m pretty sure my home town will be back in the news.

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