This story has several levels of insanity. We have the wasteful spending angle. Then there’s this whole transgender, sex change thing. Then there’s the criminal element. It has it all. Unfortunately, this isn’t some steamy novel, but rather another example of just how stupid government officials can be.

In this case, the “official” is a federal judge, and the criminal is a murderer.

As reported by the Associated Press, Robert Kosilek was convicted of murder when he killed his wife in 1990. He has received hormone injections and now lives as a woman (Michelle Kosilek) in the all-male prison.

Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 12 years ago. Two years later, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery is a medical necessity.

In his ruling Tuesday, Wolf found that surgery is the “only adequate treatment” for Kosilek’s “serious medical need.”

“The court finds that there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate medical care,” Wolf wrote in his 126-page ruling.

So… first Wolf rules that Kosilek can have “treatment” for a “disorder,” and now he has taken the next step and ordered the taxpayers to fork over the money for a full-blown sex change operation!

In a report in the Boston Globe, Wolf is quoted from his ruling as stating, “This fact that sex reassignment surgery is for some people medically necessary has recently become more widely recognized.”

Medically necessary? Come on! This guy (or girl or it) is crazy or perverted or both, and this judge continues to indulge him (or her or it) at the expense of common sense and the U.S. taxpayer.

So… What happens next? Is he (or she or it) shipped off to a women’s prison? This is just nuts… if he has an X and a Y, guess what? He’s a guy! Get over it and move on.

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