A Christian apologist says the fact that churches and families suffer from the lack of male leadership can be attributed in part to the popularity of “male-bashing” in society at large.

The facts are beyond dispute: Women are financially more secure and healthier if they’re married – and children are far less likely to end up in prison or have deep emotional problems if they grew up with a father. Not only that, husbands/fathers in those close relationships come away winners as well.

The Fatherhood Project in Boston, Massachusetts, reports that children who feel a closeness to their fathers are twice as likely as those who do not to enter college or find stable employment after high school. In addition, 75% are less likely to have a teen birth – and 80% are less likely to spend time in jail.

Why, then, is it trendy in the media – and particularly on television – to belittle and ridicule men? If what the public believes what it sees on TV, then men aren’t all that bright. And when they’re not being laughed at, they’re being knocked for “toxic masculinity.”

Dr. Alex McFarland is a Christian apologist and founder of Truth for a New Generation. McFarland says the incessant male-bashing in today’s world has not only affected home and work life, it’s made the Church less healthy.

“In our culture, for decades the role of men and the value of godly men has been diminished – almost obliterated in our society,” he tells OneNewsNow. “So, we’re in a place where the Church really suffers from lack of male leadership.”

And he says it’s not just by chance that men are the targets of scorn and derision.

“The whole blurring of ‘gender’ and the confusing of sexuality and the breakdown of the family and the devaluing of marriage – all of these are part of Satan’s plans to cause more people to live and die without Jesus,” McFarland shares.

The Fatherhood Project – which makes no mention of being faith-based – also points out benefits to men who have “warm, nurturing relationships” with their children. Fathers themselves, it says, are “physically healthier, less depressed and more successful in their marriages and careers.” And that, McFarland would agree, makes for healthier and more successful churches.


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