Pointing to Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, a longtime newspaper columnist says Americans may have given up on politicians with integrity.

“If we don’t expect much, we’re not going to get much,” observes author and syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.

“The most frightening words in Scripture to me are, ‘And God gave them over,'” he tells OneNewsNow.

What that has given us, he says, is 60 million abortions, legalized same-sex marriage, and transgenders in our restrooms and in our military.

If many Americans can shrug off those examples, he asks, will they really get upset over mishandled emails?

“Democrats were never all that concerned about the Clinton email scandal,” a headline declared Wednesday on left-wing website Huffington Post.

The story reported that 36 percent of Democrats told a pollster that having a private email server was “unethical.” A whopping 85 percent of Republicans said it was.

Many people are angry, in fact, after FBI Director James Comey explained Tuesday how Clinton repeatedly broke federal law – then announced she wouldn’t face charges.

The same Huffington Post story, citing a second poll, acknowledged that “liar/dishonest” were the preferred words to describe Clinton.

Clinton’s “Favorable” rating fails to crack 50 percent in 15 separate polls posted at RealClearPolitics.com.

The Democratic candidate’s “Favorable” average is 39 percent and her “Unfavorable” is 55 percent.

“Today we have witnessed a most frightening manifestation of the corruption of our political system,” wrote David Horowitz at frontpage.com.

“It wasn’t shocking news that Barack Obama’s FBI refused on Tuesday to recommend indictment for felonious former secretary of state Hillary Clinton,” Ben Shapiro wrote at National Review Online. “The utterly transparent corruption, however — that was shocking.”

Meanwhile, while many American people appear enraged and frustrated, the left-wing media has deemed the email scandal over, even though FBI Director James Comey will appear before a congressional panel today.

Scott Whitlock of the Media Research Center predicts the media will claim there’s nothing to see.

“When clearly you saw in the sort of ‘non-indictment indictment’ that Comey was bringing up things that look pretty bad,” says Whitlock.

No matter which is the chicken and which is the egg, as the media goes, so goes public opinion.

“A lot of the scandal is kind of baked into the cake,” he says, “where those numbers are going to stay high as a cumulative of this and all these other scandals.”


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