The U.S. may have given its blessing for manufacturers to sell aircraft to Iran, but not everyone is onboard with the idea.

The United States is allowing Airbus and Boeing to sell airplanes to Iran. The idea is to begin selling various products to Iran and open up relations now that sanctions have been lifted and the country says it has agreed to conditions in the way of nuclear energy.

Iran has been under sanctions for years and possesses an aging fleet of commercial aircraft. Regardless, Diane Katz of The Heritage Foundation doesn’t think free countries ought to be selling airplanes to what she calls “the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism” with a record of using civilian aircraft for military and terrorist activities.

“We have no control over what goes on in Iran,” Katz tells OneNewsNow. “We do know, though, that civilian aircraft have been used for non-civilian activities – [and] in fact, the carrier that’s buying the planes is a government-owned carrier. So the government of Iran is going to have control of these aircraft.”

President Obama has expressed confidence in Iran, but Katz admits she doesn’t trust the regime in Tehran. “And I think there’s a lot of other people, both in the United States and around the world, who also don’t have much confidence in Iran,” she adds.

In an article Katz wrote this summer, she claims none of that evidently concerns Obama – and that “it is a reckless piece of business” that Congress needs to address.


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