Sen. Elizabeth Warren, on the stage and answering questions about her visions of health care, slipped in a rather significant — and somber — remark about the rich in this country that goes to the heart of socialist delusion. She said, in essence: the rich don’t work.

The rich don’t work hard.

The rich are basically lazy and entitled, the do-nothing class who take, take, take from the poor, poor, poor.

Apparently, she forgot to read her own bank statement today. ‘Cause Warren, to put it bluntly, ain’t exactly poverty stricken.

Anyhow, from the stage, she said: In order to pay for insurance for all, “costs are going to go up for the wealthier, costs are going to go up for the corporations,” and “costs are going to go down for the hard working individuals.”

As if the wealthy aren’t hard working.

As if the wealthy simply sit on their butts day in and day out, thumbing through the piles of cash they grab from the backs of the — her words — “hard working individuals.”

This is the root of the socialist ill — envy. Pitting the haves versus the have-nots.

And in America, fact is, the haves have because, for the most part, they’ve worked for it. It’s an injustice and a face slap to deem the wealthy as underserving of their wealth, simply because they’re wealthy.

America is a land of opportunity, for all.

America offers a chance at prosperity and freedom and economic wealth, for all.

And nobody should know that better than Elizabeth Warren.

“How Elizabeth Warren Built a $12 Million Fortune,” ran one recent Forbes headline.

“What is Elizabeth Warren’s Net Worth? Elizabeth Warren has earned a great deal of wealth as law professor and as a politician,” TheStreet reported, in July.

How much?

“[S]he and her husband, Bruce Mann, have amassed a formidable financial fortune, placing her well within the 1% of highest-earning Americans,” TheStreet goes on to report.

That’s interesting. Yes?

When Warren talks about taking from the rich and giving to the poor — from taking from the fat, lazy, entitled rich and giving to the poor, downtrodden, hard-working poor — she neglects to look at herself.

That’s hypocritical.

But then again, that’s how socialism always goes.

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