In April, a group of kids at the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia were captured on camera dancing and lip-syncing and performing on stage to a happy little ditty of chopping heads and leading armies of Allah and torturing enemies and other Islamic political and religious principles. And the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations announced an investigation.

Investigation, indeed. Now: Where are the results? Hat tip for the Middle East Media Research Institute for helping bring this to light.

If there’s one thing both political parties should be able to come to agreement on it’s that little kids in America ought not to be singing songs that promote the chopping of others’ heads. Yes?

Apparently, it’s not moving along as fast as it should. At least to some. At least to a couple of members of Congress — Republican Reps. Lee Zeldin and Scott Perry — who penned a letter to the executive director of the Philly commission, Rue Landau, asking if she’s nearly finished — and if she needs some help from the Department of Justice.

“[This] shocking event at the Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center in Philadelphia to celebrate ‘Ummah Day’ … captured children lip syncing in Arabic about beheadings in the name of Islam with lyrics like, ‘We will chop off their heads. … We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling his promise, we will subject them to eternal torture.’ Additionally,” the congressmen wrote, “the anthem called for the elimination of Israel with lyrics promoting jihad.”

The congressmen also spoke of the ties of MAS to the Muslim Brotherhood and emphasized the need to get to the bottom of who exactly sponsored the April event.

“This video exposed the indoctrination of young children promoting radical Islamic ideology in the United States,” they wrote, “That is why we ask for additional information, including the results of your investigation.”

Should say so.

If anything warrants investigation, this event does.

It’s good the locals said they launched their own investigation of the affair back in April; it’s a good thing MEMRI caught the video. But it’s going on five months — and still no answers? This is definitely a matter for Justice Department scrutiny.

Just as we shouldn’t have children in America running around and singing songs about beheading infidels and so forth — we can’t have Muslim organizations masquerading as harmless purveyors of the arts, all the while teaching little kids to kill.

Kudos to Zeldin and Perry for following up and pressing for answers.

Feds shouldn’t drop the ball on this one.

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