The Chicago Police Department held a press conference on Thursday, and laid out the case against Jussie Smollett. From the very beginning, the police were finding the clues and unraveling this elaborate hoax that had the media proclaiming that Trump supporters were evil, and Smollett was an innocent victim. We’ll look at all the details, plus we’ll examine other instances of hoaxes around the country. Finally, there was a real assault this week… on a conservative. Will the media give it the same attention?

On Thursday, the Chicago Police Department held a press conference, and laid out the case against Smollett. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson spelled out exactly why this case is bad on so many levels.

It was a staged attack… a complete hoax… and just plain stupidity. This hoax could be another sequel to the Dumb and Dumber franchise. The police chief pointed out that Smollett paid the two “attackers” by writing a check!

This case is not isolated. There are other hoaxes going on around the country, and each one makes it tougher on real victims. Check out today’s show for some recent examples.

Also, a real assault happend this week on a young conservative on the Berkeley campus. He was pushed, shoved, called racist, and punched multiple times. All of it is caught on video. So… will the media give this the same type of coverage?

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