Disney’s new streaming video service comes complete with politically correct warning labels for some older movie classics. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sinks to a new low, even for CNN, and President Trump blasts the Democrats over impeachment at a Louisiana rally. All that and more on today’s show!

Disney just can’t let the classics be classics. In an effort to cater to the “snowflake” crowd — you know… the ones who get triggered by any little perceived “offense” — Disney has not put content warnings on some of their classic movies. The warnings let viewers know that content may contain “outdated cultural depictions.”

White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway blasted CNN during an interview for bringing up her marriage and stating that there are “issues” with it. This was supposed to be an interview about impeachment, but CNN’s Wolf Blitzer felt the need to “not mention” her marriage by actually mentioning her marriage.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rolled out a new plan for “free” public housing. You know… just like the “free” healthcare for all and free education for all. This isn’t regular public housing either; it will be GREEN public housing.

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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