In a stunning new essay, the biographer of Martin Luther King, Jr. cites FBI reports that paint a disturbing picture of the real MLK. Could he survive in the #MeToo era? And where is the so-called main stream media reporting of all this? Joe Biden was a no-show at the California Democrat State Convention, and the other Democrats used him as a target. And are the Democrats entering a civil war over the embrace of socialism? What kind of party will emerge when the primaries are over?

The left is going after American icons such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Will they do the same thing with MLK? In the era of #MeToo, new information has been documented by biographer David Garrow that paints the real MLK in a much different light than we’ve seen before. What isn’t the so-called “mainstream media” covering this story?

As the Democrat candidates for president gathered in California, Joe Biden was a no-show. The crowd, however, showed its true colors by actually booing one of the candidates for saying that the party should NOT adopt socialism! Where are the Democrats headed? Check out today’s show for all the details.

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