Guess who won the women’s hurdles at the NCAA Division II track and field championships? I’ll give you a hint… he competed as a man in track and field last year. Joe Biden has jumped on the transgender bandwagon, and in his quest for votes, Biden blames Donald Trump for ALL the problems that he says are happening to this “marginalized” community. Kirsten Gillibrand goes after the NRA, and the response is just hilarious.

Another woman was prevented from earning a victory in NCAA women’s track, because a biological male was allowed to compete. This man is bigger, stronger, and faster, yet the NCAA doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. Is the world just going crazy?

Joe Biden is pandering to the transgender lobby, and in a recent speech, he blamed Trump for the deaths of five transgender “women.” The comment is completely out of line and shows just how far the Democrats have fallen!

Kirsten Gillibrand decided to take on the NRA during a recent town hall appearance, and you’ll just love the way the NRA fired back at her! Check out today’s show for all the details.

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