An Islamic terror group killed hundreds of Christians attending Easter services in Sri Lanka on Sunday in a sprawling suicide bombing campaign, and Barack Obama didn’t even mention the world “Christian” in his sympathy tweet. Mitt Romney decided to go after President Trump regarding the Mueller Report, and actress Charlize Theron’s son is now a daughter. All that and more on today’s show!

We’ve seen this before. If there is an attack on a mosque, everyone is pointing out that Muslims were attacked. But if it’s an attack on a church, Christians are seldom mentioned. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others refused to acknowledge that Christians were attacked on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Instead they chose to use “Easter worshippers.” Are you kidding me???

Also, Mitt Romney’s attack on President Trump brought a swift reply from former Gov. Mike Huckabee. What is going on with Romney? Plus, the media continue to pretend that boys can become girls, and girls can become boys. Just look at how the “news” that Charlize Theron’s son is now a daughter was covered. Check out today’s show for all the details.

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