Kate Steinle, victim – Francisco Sanchez, illegal alien suspect.

When Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal alien in San Francisco, America received a shocking reminder of just how broken our system is. This wasn’t just a failure of local policy. It was a failure of national policy, and the incident has garnered national attention. But where is Barack Obama?

Question: What do Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray have in common? Their deaths all brought about responses from Obama and his team. Obama spoke out during the Trayvon Martin proceedings, saying Martin “looked like him.” As it turned out, Trayvon Martin was the one to blame for his own death. Obama stoked the racial fires in Ferguson, Missouri regarding Michael Brown, yet no charges were filed against the police officer that Brown attacked.

But what about Kate Steinle. As Megan Kelly points out: “For Kate Steinle, not a single Obama administration figure attended her funeral and not one has contacted her family.”

What is happening in this country? It is clear that Obama is not serious about criminal activity. He praises those who attack police officers, and he gives the silent treatment to those killed by illegal aliens. Something must be done before another innocent person is murdered by someone who should not even be in this country!

++ Please click here for today’s earlier story which includes comments from Kate Steinle’s parents

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