Even though Barack Obama and his administration have been doing their thing for about a year and a half, the things they say sometimes still surprise me. Yes, they are left-wing radicals who want to “fundamentally change” this country, but come on! Surely they can see from history that a government that tries to do all and control all is unsustainable and completely counter to the American spirit, right? Well, maybe not, because Hillary Clinton took to the podium this week to say that wealthy Americans “are not paying their fair share” in taxes. Question… just what is a “fair share” and how can unemployment go down when the government raises taxes on those people who actually could hire other people?

As noted in a story on, Clinton, while addressing an audience at the Brookings Institute, said, “The rich are not paying their fair share in any nation that is facing the kind of employment issues [America currently does] — whether it’s individual, corporate or whatever [form of] taxation forms.” Just listen for yourself:

Wow! I don’t even know where to start. Not once in that clip does Clinton ever mention the fact that private companies are the ones that hire most of the people. She is focused exclusively on the government “creating” jobs. This means money is taken from taxpayers and put toward “jobs” that the government deems worthy. As she notes, these tend to be large “public works” jobs.

If a job really needs to be created, the private sector will create it! If unemployment is high, cut taxes so that more people can be hired. If more people are working, then there is more tax revenue coming in. AND… the system is working based on the needs and desires of individual Americans… not what the government says is the “right” kind of job.

Nearly half the country doesn’t even pay income taxes any more. Is that fair? Obama wants to tax higher income people at nearly 40%. Is that fair? Is it fair for someone to pay 10% of their income while another person has to pay 30-35%? No! Treat all Americans fairly. The so-called “rich” will ALWAYS pay more because they make more.

Clinton and Obama place no value on the private sector. Innovation must come from government. Jobs must come from government. Prosperity must come from government. What kind of “American” philosophy is that? When government steps on the spirit of America, we cease to be the country that was made great through ingenuity, hard work, sacrifice, and a “never say quit” attitude. All that fades away with a government that says it will take care of all things, because it will control all things.

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