Barack Obama and his team have done it again. Whenever faced with choosing common sense, they decide they would rather go left-wing radical on the American people. In this case, Obama’s Justice Department has attacked Texas’ voter identification law, saying that Texas has not proven that the law is not discriminatory. Give me a break! Is it too much to ask that someone be able to prove his or her identity before voting?

This kind of nonsense just drives me crazy. In America, the vote is sacred. It’s how our entire system of government runs. Americans vote for the direction they want the country to go, whether through elections of officials, ballot initiatives, or other propositions. In order for the country to run properly, the vote must be respected and must be a pure process.

We read all the time about voter fraud. ACORN, Obama’s puppet agency, registered thousands of bogus people, and the list goes on and on. It makes perfect sense that if the vote is such an important part of American society, that being able to vote should and being able to prove you are who you say your are go hand in hand. Apparently, that’s not what Obama believes.

According to a report by Fox News, the “Justice Department is objecting to a new photo ID law in Texas for voters, saying the state has failed to demonstrate that the the law is not discriminatory by design against Hispanic voters.”

The department’s head of the civil rights division, Tom Perez, wrote a a six-page letter to Texas’ director of elections saying that Texas has not “sustained its burden” under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to show that the new law will not have a discriminatory effect on minority voters. About 11 percent of Hispanic voters reportedly lack state-issued identification.

Perez wrote that while the state says the new photo ID requirement is to “ensure electoral integrity and deter ineligible voters from voting” the state “did not include evidence of significant in-person voter impersonation not already addressed by the state’s existing laws.”

Perez added that the number of people lacking any personal ID or driver’s license issued by the state ranges from from 603,892 to 795,955, but of that span, 29-38 percent of them are Hispanic.

In the Associated Press story on GOPUSA, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said “the Obama administration is hostile to laws like the one passed last year in Texas.”

Hostile? I’d say that’s an understatement. This is a common sense law designed to protect the integrity of the ballot box. Is that so hard to understand? Can someone please beat this guy in November while we still have the right to vote? Who knows what will happen if he gets reelected.

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