Once-conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has lately crossed to the liberal side of in several legal decisions, and a U.S. senator says it is coming from his dislike of President Trump.

In June, Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding vote allowing LGBT rights to be shoehorned into the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The very next day he led the liberal wing of the court in saying Barack Obama could decide children brought here by their illegal-immigrant families had a right to stay — but Trump had no legal right to undo Obama’s executive order.

The next month, Roberts once again joined his fellow travelers on the left to allow abortion clinics in Louisiana to operate without the backup of an emergency room for injured women.

“I actually think much of what is driving it is, I think, John despises Donald Trump,” Sen. Ted Cruz told CBN. “I think it’s personal.”

Gary Bauer of American Values says he hopes Sen. Cruz is wrong but says it’s as good an explanation as any other for the bizarre drift of Justice Roberts.

“It would be a terrible comment about Chief Justice Roberts if he was making decisions based on a personal dislike of President Trump,” Bauer observes, “and, of course, the worrisome thing would be if there are disputes related to the election.”

Given the way the election is trending, that scenario is increasingly likely.

Bauer tells OneNewsNow he can list a number of justices who have drifted left – but not one that has gone the other way.

“And those that are drifting toward the left,” he warns, “seem to be deeply impacted by the latest wind that blows through their brain.”


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