President Biden threw an “inflation reduction” party Tuesday — even as inflation hit a worse-than-expected 8.3%, the stock market tumbled and stubbornly high prices for food and housing continue to slam American households.

Biden, 79, had classic folk rocker James Taylor kick off the White House South Lawn bash with his 1968 hit “Fire and Rain” — a song reportedly about suicide and heroin addiction — to belatedly celebrate passage of his Inflation Reduction Act spending bill.

But Biden, who hailed the 74-year-old Taylor as “a voice that heals our soul and unites a nation,” failed to mention the market rout sparked by the dismal Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index released earlier Thursday.

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GOPUSA Editor:Good time for a song about suicide and drugs.

Critics didn’t appreciate the event:

Pelosi asks audience to clap.


Biden’s stumbling victory lap! President celebrates ‘making progress’ on inflation despite stock market’s worst day in two years – before treading on his own jacket!

President Joe Biden’s victory lap for his climate change and prescription drug prices law took a stumble on Tuesday as he celebrated its passage at the White House while the stock market had its biggest tumble in two years.

As Biden spoke, the Dow lost more than 1,250 points and the S&P 500 sank 4.3% after Tuesday’s report that inflation remained essentially stagnant in August, coming in at 8.3 percent.

‘We’re making progress,’ Biden said in his speech on the South Lawn of the White House.

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