Delivering a backhanded compliment, former President Donald Trump said Biden administration border officials are “not dumb people,” they are just grossly incompetent on the crisis they have created.

“We used to think they wanted open borders, but now I realize they can’t because who would want that unless they are really dumb people?” Trump told Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson in an exclusive one-on-one on his border visit Wednesday in McAllen, Texas, as aired on “Stinchfield.”

“And they’re not dumb people. Vicious people, but not they’re not dumb people. And now I think it’s just gross incompetence.
“I really do. I believe it’s gross incompetence.”
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Trump, at US-Mexico border, slams Biden for ‘open, really dangerous’ border

Former President Trump returned to the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday, taking direct aim at President Biden for the surge this year in migrants crossing the barrier.

“There has never been a border so secure as the southern border that we had, and now it’s opened up,” the former president emphasized as he sat down for a briefing from Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas and Lone Star State law enforcement and border officials.

And slamming Biden, who reversed key immigration policies implemented during the Trump administration, the former president charged that “now we have an open, really dangerous, border. More dangerous than it’s ever been in the history of our country, and we better go back fast.”

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President Trump, Gov. Greg Abbott visit Texas southern border

President Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) made a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday. The two visited Weslaco, Texas, where Trump held a roundtable with the governor and later visited a portion of unfinished border wall.

During the roundtable, the president said the country is in a “sick state,” citing the state of the southern border under Joe Biden and the integrity of the 2020 elections. “But we have a sick country in many ways. It’s sick in elections and it’s sick on the border,” said Trump. “If you don’t have good elections and if you don’t have a strong border, you don’t have a country.
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