In my book “Rules for Defeating Radicals” (Available at Amazon) I devote an entire chapter to how leftists wield their mantras as seemingly incontrovertible presumptions of “truth,” by which to validate themselves and their ideology with no real supporting evidence. Sadly, in our modern sound bite culture where critical thinking is scarce at best, this technique has proven to be a powerful means of persuasion, despite the total lack of substance in the overwhelming majority of leftist assertions.

So many seemingly unassailable leftist premises completely collapse in the face of even a little scrutiny. Yet few people are willing to challenge them, owing to the intimidating certitude with which they are presented and the ferocity of the attacks against any who dare to question leftist orthodoxy. This represents a major weapon of the leftist agenda, but also its greatest vulnerability. Whenever our side is willing to face the predictable but wholly contrived ridicule and condemnation, the intellectual vacancy of leftist precepts is easily exposed and dispelled.

Inside the corrupt modern political “Establishment” (and this includes both parties), such baseless mantras have succeeded at giving cover to a host of dangerously false premises, which only survive because the American people tacitly accept them, not taking the time or effort to recognize that they are founded on nothing of substance whatsoever.

For example, the current crop of political elites insist that “Our diversity is our strength,” with such an air of virtue that the notion is now essentially enshrined as a defining hallmark of America. Yet our nation’s current societal discord, and all of human history prove exactly the opposite. To the degree that America has been the famed “melting pot” of various nationalities, it was always our Americanism that overcame our ethnic and cultural differences and made us the great “E Pluribus Unum.” It was always our Americanism that was our strength.

Self-serving political hacks, who demand our loyalty and our money, give themselves cover with the mantra that “The purpose of a political party is to get its members elected.” In truth, that is the nature of a political party in decline. The real purpose of a political party is to advance a particular set of ideas through the strength of numbers, and on that basis to turn them into public policy. It is only when they are seized upon as a political bandwagon by shameless opportunists, that those ideas cease being the reason for the cohesion of the party, and are thereafter merely a tool of political leverage. Of course this thoroughly flawed notion is eagerly embraced by both parties, since it gives them cover. Consequently, on this basis shameless career politicians have long been able to line their pockets at our expense, while only occasionally bestowing a few crumbs in our direction as their supposed “public service.”

One of the more recent mantras, though every bit as baseless as the others, is particularly noxious, owing to the damage that is currently being inflicted on the country as a result. It is that “Impeachment is not a legal issue, but a political one.” And once again, this platitude is readily embraced by Democrats and Republicans, since it has given a mantle of “legitimacy” to the corruption and cowardice of both parties. For the Democrats, it has seemingly shielded their despicable actions. For the Republicans, it was employed to cloak their inaction. And the latter was likely worse, because in the process it gave “bipartisan” cover to the Democrats.

When he was in the White House, Barack Obama committed flagrant criminal abuses of power, weaponizing the IRS against his political enemies and engaging in a total betrayal of all of Western Civilization with his efforts to give Iran the atom bomb. If that doesn’t meet the standard of treason, America owes Julius and Ethel Rosenberg an apology. Yet then House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, promised that he would not impeach Obama under any circumstances, essentially declaring Obama and the Democrats to be above the law. Boehner’s defense, repeated universally even among conservative circles, was that “Impeachment is not a legal issue, but a political one.” This cowardly dereliction of duty, in the face of the expected criticism from Democrats and their media parakeets, was the action which removed impeachment from its constitutional boundaries, and dragged it down to the depths of the political swamp. It should be no surprise that the Democrats were just as willing to wield it as a political weapon, now going in the opposite direction, since the GOP had given such behavior their stamp of “legitimacy.”

At some point, the Constitution needs to be invoked, not as a phony banner of “patriotism and duty” as Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat lackeys shamelessly wield it. Rather, its original purpose and intent must be brought to the forefront. Impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors” means just what it says. “Crimes” inarguably connotes a violation of the law. That is not a “political” matter, but a legal one. Dragging America through the debacle on any other basis is itself a violation of the Constitution, and thus the most egregious of crimes.

As the corruption of our governing institutions metastasizes at the hands of leftists, the entire legal system faces the prospect of likewise being politicized, thus making any behavior that threatens the political class a potential target for “legal” action. And it is appallingly obvious that such abuses did indeed occur on a grand scale, under the thoroughly poisoned headship of Barack Obama. But those acts represent an institutional corruption of the system, and not a reflection of its proper and honorable purpose. In the same sense, if impeachment can be perpetrated against a duly elected President, simply because his leftist opponents seek to unseat him in their fanatical quest for uncontested political power, nothing less than the very future of the United States of America hangs in the balance.

For our nation to endure as a land of law and justice, those leftist Democrats who perpetrated this impeachment must be held fully to account for their real high crimes. And usurping the Constitution is the most egregious of these. Every American faces an imminent threat from unfettered leftists. If this malignant outrage is not brought back into its proper boundaries, the Gulag lies just around the corner.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years, and is author of the book “Rules for Defeating Radicals,” subtitled “Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture,” which is a guide to effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left and is available at

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