Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now questioning whether it is “still ok” to have children. Why? Apparently, it’s because climate change and student loads are so bad. Also, put Connecticut in the group of science deniers when it comes to not knowing the obvious differences between boys and girls. This past month Connecticut held its high school indoor track championships, and two boys finished first and second in the girls’ 55m dash.

During an Instagram live stream this weekend, Ocasio-Cortez actually questions whether people should have kids anymore, because the climate is heading for a disaster and student loans are too high.

In comments lacking any intelligent thought, Ocasio-Cortez actually said, “The whole premise of the Green New Deal, is that we’re screwed on climate. I’m sorry to break it to you.”

She added: “At this point, we don’t even have to prove it. Just walk outside in the winter in a lot of places, and its, either way worse than you’re used to, or way warmer than you’re used to.”

Don’t even have to prove it??? So, hotter or colder, it all proves her point???

Also, in today’s show, two boys placed first and second in the girls’ 55m dash at the Connecticut track championships. The top eight advance to regionals, when means one girl, who finished ninth, loses out at her opportunity to showcase her talents in front of college scouts and coaches… because she lost to two boys.

Check out today’s show for more crazy examples of the transgender uproar.

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