We are in the home stretch of the debate on the health care bill that Americans don’t want. Polls consistently show the American people against this legislation, yet the Democrats keep pushing. They are now so concerned about its passage, that they are considering “passing” it without a real vote. If a bill takes maneuvering like that, isn’t that a sign that it’s time to quit?
We should all be doing our part to contact Congress and tell these “leaders” that they should vote NO on the ObamaCare plan. For Democrats that you talk to, you can tell them that it will explode the deficit even further. You can tell them that the bill is unconstitutional. You can tell them that it’s just another step toward government control of health care. Those reasons may work, but if all else fails, you have the “ace in the hole.” For all those Democrats sitting on the fence, just tell them that if they don’t vote for ObamaCare, then Obama won’t campaign for them in the fall. Considering his track record, that’s reason enough to reject the bill.
As noted in a Telegraph story by Washington reporter Alex Spillius, “the president will refuse to make fund-raising visits during November elections to any district whose representative has not backed the bill.”
Hmmm… let’s consider the evidence. We have the governor’s race in Virginia, which under Obama’s leadership, the Democrat lost. Then, we have Obama agreeing to help in the governor’s race in New Jersey:

The result? The Democrat lost. Oh… then… we have the Massachusetts Senate race between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown.

Yes, and we all know the result of that race. The Democrat lost.
Now, Obama says that if you don’t vote for ObamaCare, then he won’t campaign for you in the fall. If I were a Democrat in a tough district, then I’d vote NO on ObamaCare and make sure that he kept his promise.
In Missouri at an Obama rally, several high-profile Democrats decided to stay home. As reported in the Washington Times, “Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, the all-but-certain Democratic nominee for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Christopher S. ‘Kit’ Bond, was ‘already locked in’ to meetings in Washington, D.C., on Wall Street financial reforms,” so she couldn’t attend.

Rep. Ike Skelton, one of 39 House Democrats who voted against the party’s health care overhaul bill in December, also skipped the presidential stop in his home state. Mr. Skelton, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, was taking part in a House floor debate on the future of the war in Afghanistan.

In addition, Rep. Russ Carnahan, a Democrat from St. Louis and Mrs. Carnahan’s brother, skipped the event, even though it was in his home district.

And why would these Democrats want Obama’s help? He continues to fall in the polls, continues to push America closer to bankruptcy, and he can’t even explain his own proposals accurately.
As noted in an AP story on GOPUSA, Obama’s health care plan will not lower premiums as he continues to state. Premiums will go up. Yes, certain people will end up paying less overall, because once again Obama will take tax money from some and distribute it to others. That is NOT a lower premium. That’s simply socialism.
In addition, it appears Obama doesn’t know basic math.

Last time I checked, a quantity can go up and up and up… 100% increase, 200% increase, etc. But, a quantity can only go down as much as 100%, then there is nothing left. So, a 3,000% drop is quite outstanding.
And then there’s Obama’s primary symbol for his ObamaCare proposal: Natoma Canfield, a cancer patient whom Obama said had to give up her health insurance because her premiums went up too much. Obama has mentioned her in speeches saying that she would have no coverage because of the high premiums. However, officials at the clinic where she is being treated say that she doesn’t have to “choose between her home and her health.” As the AP reports, she’s already eligible for coverage under Medicaid.
Question to Democrats… Do you want Obama campaigning for you? Maybe you are drawn to his mastery of the facts. Ok. Maybe you are enamored with his math skills. Fine. Or, maybe you respect his incredible track record in helping other Democrats in a big race. I see. Yep, those are some great reasons to stand by Obama and vote for the legislation that the American people don’t want. I’m sure they won’t hold it against you.

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