Barack Obama officially kicked off the 2010 campaign season with a speech to “his” people on Monday. Yes, it’s true that since taking office, Obama has never really stopped campaigning, but this speech was specifically geared toward building “his” coalition to stop “those” people from regaining power in the November elections.
Outside of the overall left wing philosophy of bigger government, more centralized power, higher taxes, and less individual freedom, the way Democrats go about building a campaign has always frustrated me. “Constituency” politics is so fake, yet so many Americans fall for it. Now, Obama isn’t even trying to hide the strategy. As long as “his” people vote, that’s all that matters.
As noted in an AP story on GOPUSA, “Since Obama won the White House, voters of all political stripes have soured on the president and his party; his job performance rate hovers around 50 percent and support for Democrats in Congress is even lower. The growth of government and spending increases have turned off some independent voters. Parts of the Democratic base are frustrated with the pace at which the president has made change. And some Republicans who crossed over to vote for Obama now are disillusioned.”
That’s putting it mildly! Many Americans are stunned that a radical leftwing socialist actually came into power and started forcing radical socialism down Americans’ throats.
So, in an attempt to rally “his” people, Obama sent out a web video which, as always, does not unite, but rather divides.

Give me a break! First, his assessment of the political situation is completely wrong. Obama and the Democrats passed health insurance legislation despite that fact that a majority of Americans opposed it. If he considers that “historic” then that should give Americans a clue as to his true agenda. Obama and the Democrats passed bill after bill that plunge America deeper into debt so that “their” people get a hand out while “those” people have to pay.
Second, we have Obama’s politics of “us” against “them.” Now, Republican leaders always talk about the need to “reach out” and attract different voters, but for me, I have ALWAYS found it refreshing that the conservative philosophy is the one that is truly color blind.
As a conservative, I could give a speech to any group at any time in any place, and not have to change a word of it. My speech and my beliefs are not geared toward women or men or Latinos or whites or young or old. My conservative principles apply to all Americans. By putting those beliefs into practice the entire country benefits. We should not seek to attract one group by saying one thing and another group by saying something else.
When Obama talks about the “health insurance companies, the Wall Street banks, and the special interests who have ruled Washington for too long,” apparently he forgets that these companies are not run by robots. They are run by people. They employee thousands of other Americans. You know… REAL jobs that are driven by the market and not the social engineering of the Democrats. I guess Obama also forgets about the leftwing special interests that continue to rule Washington.
Obama is selling a product that is so anti-American and yet he was able to move himself all the way into the presidency. He’s now facing incredible backlash because the American people actually want to maintain the American way of life. This is not Europe… this is America! And now that he and the Democrats are fighting for their lives, perhaps the American people can see them for what they are. In their desperation, they are continuing the same old political strategies, but this time the American people are catching on.
If Obama wants to campaign only to “his” people, then I’ll gladly be one of “those” other people… the ones who care about America and care about building a country where people can succeed because government stays out of the way and doesn’t take their hard-earned money simply to feed the ever-growing government monster. Are you one of “those” people?

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