The Democrats are having a field day with comments made by rocker Ted Nugent at the NRA’s convention last weekend. In a radio interview, Nugent unloaded on Barack Obama and blasted the left, saying, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” As one can imagine the comments didn’t sit well with Obama supporters who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

First, the interview:

and here’s more:

As noted in The Blaze, DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweeted, “Romney surrogate Ted Nugent’s comments about Pres. Obama are vile & beyond the pale — and the Romney campaign should denounce them immediately.”

The DNC’s press secretary, Melanie Roussell, started her own log on twitter asking over and over and over again when the Romney campaign would say something.

Well, the Romney camp did issue a statement saying: “Divisive language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.”

But Nugent isn’t backing down. As reported by the NY Daily News, Nugent said, “I spoke at the NRA and I will stand by my speech.”

“I’m a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally,” the 63-year-old gun enthusiast griped. “And there are some power-abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the truth.”

The Secret Service also entered the picture following his rant at the National Rifle Convention in St. Louis over the weekend. A spokesman said the organization would conduct an “appropriate follow-up” given the nature of the violent rhetoric.

What do you think? Was Nugent right on or over the top? Was he both? Let us know.

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