Now I’ve seen it all. In our politically correct world, we’ve seen groups randomly pick a word, label it “offensive,” and then tell everyone they can’t say that word. Now a group has started a campaign called “Drop the I-Word” in an effort to convince people to not describe an illegal alien as “illegal.” Even though the illegal alien’s actions are, in fact, illegal, this group describes the word as a “racially charged slur.”

This new PC movement — the Drop the I-Word campaign — is brought to you by Here’s how the group explains what they are doing:

Drop the I-Word is a public education campaign powered by immigrants and diverse communities across the country that value human dignity and are working to eradicate the dehumanizing slur “illegals” from everyday use and public discourse. The i-word opens the door to racial profiling and violence and prevents truthful, respectful debate on immigration. No human being is “illegal.”

No human being is illegal? That statement doesn’t even make sense. We’re not talking about a bear or a tiger who decides to put on a human costume and pretend to be a person. Now that would be an illegal human! Of course no human being is “illegal.” We are talking about illegal ACTIONS. If someone (a “legal” human) comes into this country illegally, that person has now broken the law and is an illegal alien. Pretty simple, right?

Here’s more for the ColorLines web site, which is run by the Applied Research Center (ARC):

A harmful slur — “Illegals” is a racially charged slur used to dehumanize and discriminate against immigrants and people of color regardless of migratory status. The i-word is shorthand for “illegal alien,” “illegal immigrant” and other harmful terms.

Where to begin? First of all, if someone is in America legally, he or she is NOT an illegal alien. The term applies to law breakers… those who have committed an illegal action. It is NOT used to discriminate. It is used to accurately describe what the person has done.

What’s next? Maybe a bank robber should be an “increased income recipient,” or perhaps a garbage man should be a “sanitation engineer.” Oh wait… never mind. Or maybe the stalker should be the “extended lingerer.” It goes on and on!

Here’s Bill O’Reilly’s interview with one of the representatives from the “Drop the I-Word” campaign:!

What a bunch of babble. To be in this country illegally means the person has committed an illegal action. It’s pretty simple to me. This woman doesn’t even have a clue regarding what she is trying to do.

I’d love to drop the i-word too. I’d love it if we didn’t have to worry about people coming here illegally. If someone doesn’t want to be an illegal alien, then follow the law!

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