Everything you need to know about the Barack Obama reelection campaign has been revealed in the last week. Obama’s plan is to run and hide from issues like the economy, jobs, the debt, or anything else of substance. Instead, his plan is simple: Scare the hell out of seniors and hope they vote for Obama.

First, we have the Obama Super Pac known as Priorities USA Action. This is the group that put together the ad that actually blames Romney for the death of a steelworker’s wife:


As I reported on Friday, “Independent fact-checkers have noted, however, that the cancer patient featured in the ad died six years after Bain bought the husband’s company, that she had her own health insurance through her employer, and that Romney was not in charge of the investment firm when her husband was let go.”

But now, the Obama campaign plan has kicked into another gear. Here is former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs:

As noted by the Washington Examiner, the MSNBC’s host Chuck Todd, tried to interject that the Republican plan DOES NOT affect current seniors. Let’s repeat that… the Romney/Ryan plan will NOT affect current seniors.

Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal does not change Medicare for anyone 55 or older. It allows people under the age of 55 to decide if they want to stay in the current system of Medicare or move to a premium support system.

However, that’s when Gibbs just dodges and evades. His point is not to discuss facts or issues, but simply to frighten. That’s the entire Obama campaign in a nutshell. Frighten seniors, frighten women, frighten minorities. Instead of hope and change, all we got from Obama is politics at its worst.

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