Is there anything shocking or surprising anymore from the Obama campaign? As I wrote yesterday, their campaign is to scare seniors, women, and minorities. That’s it… that’s the plan. And they will say or do anything to accomplish it. Just look at the outrageous comment made by Vice President Joe Biden…

Speaking at a campaign event hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Joe Biden told that audience that Mitt Romney and the Republicans will “put y’all back in chains.”

There is so much wrong with this statement, but first I point out what Biden said in the first few seconds of the clip. He talks about the Republican budget. Please remind your friends and colleagues that it has been YEARS since the Democrats have put forward a budget in Congress. Years!

Ok, now on to the completely inappropriate comment from Biden. Here’s what the Romney campaign had to say about it:

After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Governor Romney, the Obama Campaign has reached a new low.

The comments made by the Vice President of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama Campaign will say and do anything to win this election.

President Obama should tell the American people whether he agrees with Joe Biden’s comments.

You know what’s worse than Biden’s comments? (And even that accent that he used — who was he appealing to?) What’s worse is that the Obama campaign is standing by the remarks. Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said, “We have no problem with those comments.”

This is just the start, but it’s important for people to share this type of information with friends and colleagues. People need to understand what the Obama campaign is really about. Please spread the word.

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