The American people were lied to about the Iranian nuclear deal.

“The administration said repeatedly there were no secret side deals,” John Bolton, our former ambassador to the United Nations, reminded us early Tuesday. “What a surprise. Whoever would have thought it?”

Turns out there was a secret “add-on agreement” to the deal hailed by the Obama administration for checking the theocratic state’s nefarious nuclear designs, The Associated Press reports. Key restrictions imposed under the international accord “will ease in slightly more than a decade” — not the 15 years originally touted — and cut “the time Tehran would need to build a bomb to six months from the present estimates of one year,” the AP concluded.

Key to the reduced “breakout” time is Iran being allowed “to greatly expand its work with centrifuges that are even more advanced,” the news service said. Iran can install centrifuges that are up to five times more efficient than the machines allowed now. Even with fewer centrifuges, Iran can enrich uranium at more than twice the rate it now does.

A U.S. government official, not named, defended the secret deal; Iran still will be limited to the amount of enriched uranium it can store for the full 15 years, the official said.

Consider it cold comfort from an administration that couldn’t tell the truth.


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