Sixty percent of Americans say race relations are worse in America since Barack Obama moved into the Oval Office – but a public policy analyst argues it may not really be a racial problem.

The survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports earlier this month finds that the results divide by racial lines: 66 percent of whites thinking things are worse and only 38 percent of blacks agree with them. But the problem may well be financial. According to federal statistics, as of 2014 more than a quarter of African-Americans were living in poverty. Almost two-thirds of those (62%) who were below the poverty line in 2009 are still there today.

Abraham Hamilton III is a public policy analyst with the American Family Association. He says the problem started in the 1940s with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and the rise of the Democrats.

“It’s kind of like what FDR said at the onset and implementation … of some of this welfare nanny state in America,” Hamilton begins. “He recognized that it’s a narcotic and people become addicted to it – and you have those who are in power who need to have a dependency class in order to maintain their power.”

So, he says, they keep funneling free money into minority communities, making it easier for black fathers to leave their families and black mothers to abort their children. Single mothers with children far and away top the poverty charts.

“There are some who benefit from keeping this division at bay,” Hamilton continues. “The people who benefit don’t want a lot of Americans to know that if it wasn’t for Christians – dare I say, white Christians – there would have been no abolitionist movement because slaves don’t have the ability to free themselves.”

He says the black church is uniquely positioned to make a difference and break the cycle of poverty – if only it would stand up to what he calls the “manipulative forces” that keep them dependent.

“Because of the absolute bankruptcy of what I call the race-hustling class, there are a lot of people who are tired of that – and they recognize that it is fruitless,” Hamilton concludes.

He specifically names Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson among that “race-hustling class” of individuals.


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