A bakery owner in California has become the latest Christian business owner to find herself on the front lines of America’s culture war.

“There’s certain things that violate my conscience,” Tastrie’s Bakery owner Cathy Miller told a local TV news station. “And my conscience will not allow me to participate in things that I feel are wrong.”

Miller recently turned down a wedding cake request by a lesbian, and a second request by a homosexual, creating news headlines and backlash.

So far no lawsuit or complaint has been filed against Miller – at least not yet – but OneNewsNow has reported how homosexual activists have targeted bakers, florists, wedding photographers, bed-and-breakfast owners, a pizza parlor, a fire chief, a t-shirt printer, and a military chaplain among others. So she might be next after all.

Meanwhile, the end of summer means the time is drawing nearer for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the appeal of Colorado-based Masterpeice Cake Shop and its owner, Jack Phillips. He told “The View” in a July appearance that it’s the event – not the customer – he objects to, much like turning down cakes for bawdy bachelor parties and demonic images for Halloween cakes.

Yet homosexual activists have successfully used non-discrimination laws and local ordinances to sue Phillips and others, and the activists and their allies have now  turned to churches themselves in recent years.

Phillips has repeatedly lost court appeals after he turned down two homosexuals in 2012, and the landmark decision is expected to be announced in June 2018.


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