Security was high, and the crowd was large. Metal detectors, uniformed secret service, and the infamous earbud men with no eyes speaking into their sleeves were everywhere.

Sen. Cruz took the stage to a rousing ovation. The people were on their feet. Their voices raising the rafters.

The senator started with some jokes and proceeded with his typical stump speech hitting on his major points of reassembling the Reagan coalition, standing for life, defending constitutional rights and restoring America’s strength and leadership in the world. It was a good, solid stump speech delivered to a friendly audience.

When Ted Cruz completed his speech, he was joined on stage by Sean Hannity and quickly transitioned to a town hall meeting. Hannity fired up the crowd once again, and they were primed for some conservative red meat. Cruz did not disappoint. That is when the senator showed a side rarely seen in public. A side many believe he does not possess.

One of the highlights was Hannity asking the top 10 things a President Cruz would do. Due to time constraints it ended up only being 5 things, but I assure you no one in the audience cared one wit.

1 — Repeal Obama care. No mention of replacing it.
2 — Abolishing the IRS and putting the 125 agents on the southern border. The crowd went wild. A nice thought, but probably unlikely.
3 — Stop the over regulations of the EPA and other alphabet soup agencies.
4 — Defend ALL constitutional rights.
5 — Restore American power and leadership in the world.

At this point Hannity had to move on and they played the name game. Hannity gave the name and Cruz gave a 1 word answer.

“Hillary Clinton” yielded “Washington”. Harmless enough.

“Bill Clinton,” Hannity said as he began his impersonation of the former president. Hannity does his shtick in the Clinton voice of inviting the pretty women in the 7th row for a tour back stage. The crowd is roaring with laughter.

Hannity asked again, “Bill Clinton,” and the senator said, “Youth outreach.” Cruz himself was laughing along with Hannity and the audience. Again, the human side was there.

“Barack Hussein Obama” resulted in “Lawless imperator.” At that Hannity closed the event with the crowd announcing their approval with enthusiastic applause.

Upon exiting the stage Sen. Ted Cruz was in the crowd shaking hands as the smart phones snapped away.

Cruz raised his game to the next level, showing passion, humor, and his humanness. If he continues on that trajectory, we may have very well have witnessed the transformation of the man who will become next president of The United States.

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