DENVER (KDVR) — Denver could pay for the education of as many as six K-12 students in one year with the money it spends on a single person experiencing homelessness.

The first phase of a new report report detailed a conservative estimate on what organizations in the Denver metro and the City and County of Denver spend on healthcare, housing and other services for homelessness.

To solve the information gaps, the Common Sense Institute, a business-focused organization, partnered with the University of Colorado Denver’s Inworks program, the Downtown Denver Partnership and Together Denver to pin down spending and outcomes.

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The per-person spending on homelessness is similar to the median income of a resident

The city of Denver spends at least twice as much on homelessness per person as it does on K-12 public school students – and the spending crushes the veterans affairs budget in the state, a new study released Thursday found, according to a report.

For comparison, the city reportedly spends between $41,679 and $104,201 on each person experiencing homelessness in a year while only $19,202 on each K-12 public school student over the same period of time.

The amount spent on each homeless person in the area is comparable to the average income of area residents. The average rent for a person living in the area is $21,156 per year and the median per capita income is $45,000, FOX 31 of Denver reported.

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