Democrat Adam Schiff says we can’t trust the voters to decide the 2020 election. Elizabeth Warren gets lectured over her plans to pay off student loan debt, and Chuck Schumer makes a ghost get out of his Senate chair. All that and more on today’s show!

I guess Democrats know best. At least that’s what Democrat Adam Schiff believes. During the impeachment trial this week, Schiff said we can’t let the voters decided the outcome of the 2020 elections. What kind of statement is that???

Elizabeth Warren was taken to task for her plan to eliminate all student loan debt. She was questioned by a father who actually saved his money, so he could pay for his daughter’s college education without going into debt.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is either losing his mind or he has a new ghost friend. He asked the ghost to get out of his chair, and it was all captured on video.

Check out today’s show for all the details.

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