The group that hired an ex-British spy to create the debunked dossier about President-elect Donald Trump – published by Buzzfeed – is reportedly the same firm that claimed Planned Parenthood executives were framed by pro-life investigators who they said “manipulated” the videos recording the execs talking about the sale of aborted baby body parts.

According to a report published on Thursday by the New York Times, Fusion GPS, which is based in Washington, D.C., hired the head of the United Kingdom’s Orbis Business, Christopher Steele, to lead the smear campaign against the soon-to-be president of the United States.

The previous day, the 52-year-old Steele was revealed as the author of the controversial memo by the Wall Street Journal.

Around the same time, the New York Times published a story citing a source who indicated that a wealthy Republican donor provided the money to hire Steele so he could write about the past scandals and weaknesses of Trump in a dossier.

Gone without a trace?

Steele, who is a widower and a father of three, was last reported by London’s Daily Mail as leaving his gated home in the English town of Surrey.

“He asked me to look after his cat as he would be gone for a few days,” a neighbor informed the London Telegraph – corroborating the previous account.

Evidently fearing for his life, Steele has reportedly left the country, where he is in hiding.

“He is terrified for his safety,” a security source asserted.

A background check indicates that Steele has plenty of experience and knowledge about making oneself scarce.

“Steele served Britain’s MI6 – the counterpart of the CIA – for nearly two decades in Moscow,” WND reports.

It is also pointed out by security sources that at one time, Steele worked with Alexander Litvinenko — a Russian spy who was poisoned in 2006 after he fled Great Britain, according to the Daily Mail.


Trump blasted both Buzzfeed and CNN on Wednesday for covering the “fake news” dossier, as expressed in a statement he made during the first news conference he has held since being elected in November.

“[The report] should never have been written and never have been released,” Trump asserted – a statement that was followed by his adulation of other media hubs for passing up the bogus story.

Once Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party, Fusion GPS dropped its project, the Times reported, yet the story was not completely buried because Hillary Clinton’s allies wanted more negative information about their candidate’s rival.

No campaign finance reports mention Fusion GPS, and it also remains to be seen which Democratic groups paid the firm to produce the dossier, according to the Daily Caller.

The smear story has made its rounds both inside and outside the U.S.

“Steele turned over the dossier to the British government,” WND reported. “Last month, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gave it to FBI Director James Comey, who said he couldn’t verify the information, but thought it should be examined.”

Digging up false dirt

It has been revealed that the British firm hired to bury Trump’s reputation is anything but credible.

“[Fusion GPS has] an institutional reputation for doing shoddy and underhanded political work, and nearly all of it has been at the behest of Democrats looking to attack Republicans,” the Weekly Standard explained.

The British group’s shoddy reputation is nothing new.

“During the 2012 presidential campaign, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel reported Fusion GPS’s efforts to dig up dirt on donors to Mitt Romney and socially conservative causes,” WND recounted.

More recently, Planned Parenthood hired Steele’s firm to shine it in a brighter light to mitigate the damage done by the series of videos exposing the abortion provider for its part in selling baby body parts for profit, the Daily Caller recounted.

After its fake investigation of the body parts scandal, it was found that Fusion GPS based its claims on nothing.

“The firm concluded the videos show evidence of ‘manipulation,’ but there was no such evidence – other than of routine editing,” WND detailed. “Steele runs Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. with another former MI6 operative, Christopher Burrows.”

It was reported by the Daily Mail that $1.2 million was collected by Steele after his work with the FBI for investigating and revealing the corruption with the international overseeing agency of soccer, known by most as FIFA. Subsequently, FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigned as a result of the probe.


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