Republicans in Congress defended President Trump on Friday after a report said a “whistleblower” filed a complaint over an apparent July phone call between the president and the leader of Ukraine, blasting the allegations as “highly partisan.”

“It’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before,” U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told the Washington Post. “Democrats come out, they’re all spun up, Adam Schiff makes all kinds of statements, and then when the facts come out — Whoa, different story!

“This seems to be the same kind of deal,” Jordan added.

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Sean Hannity: Biden faces new Ukraine scrutiny thanks to media mob’s ‘whistleblower’ story

Sean Hannity thanked the “media mob” Friday, saying they’ve “opened the door for a national discussion” on former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged pressuring of Ukraine to fire its top prosecutor while he was leading a corruption investigation into a natural gas company that had ties to his son Hunter.

“Multiple reports now suggest that the so-called whistleblowers claim it surrounds the country of Ukraine,” the Fox News host said on “Hannity.” “Now they’re doing us a favor because they’re now opening up a lot of questions we wanted to a cover for a long time.

“The boomerang comes right back on Biden, his family and the Democrats.”

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